gains, gaining, gained
1) VERB If a person or place gains something such as an ability or quality, they gradually get more of it.

[V n] Students can gain valuable experience by working on the campus radio or magazine...

[V in n] While it has lost its tranquility, the area has gained in liveliness.

2) VERB If you gain from something such as an event or situation, you get some advantage or benefit from it.

[V n from/by n/-ing] The company didn't disclose how much it expects to gain from the two deals...

[V n from/by n/-ing] There is absolutely nothing to be gained by feeling bitter...

[V from n] It is sad that a major company should try to gain from other people's suffering.

3) VERB To gain something such as weight or speed means to have an increase in that particular thing.

[V n] Some people do gain weight after they stop smoking...

[V n] The BMW started coming forward, passing the other cars and gaining speed as it approached...

[V amount] She gained some 25lb in weight during her pregnancy. [Also V]

N-VAR: usu with supp
Gain is also a noun.

News on new home sales is brighter, showing a gain of nearly 8% in June... Excessive weight gain doesn't do you any good.

4) VERB If you gain something, you obtain it, especially after a lot of hard work or effort.

[V n] They realise that passing exams is no longer enough to gain a place at university...

[V n] Their efforts helped the hostages gain their freedom.

5) PHRASE: PHR after v (disapproval) If you do something for gain, you do it in order to get some advantage or profit for yourself, and for no other reason. [FORMAL]

...buying art solely for financial gain.

6) PHRASE: V inflects If something such as an idea or an ideal gains ground, it gradually becomes more widely known or more popular.

There are strong signs that his views are gaining ground...

The Christian right has been steadily gaining ground in state politics.

7) PHRASE: V inflects, oft PHR to-inf If you do something in order to gain time, you do it in order to give yourself enough time to think of an excuse or a way out of a difficult situation.

... I hoped to gain time by keeping him talking.

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